The Pharmaceutical Injury Panel

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About us

The Pharmaceutical Injury Panel issues advisory opinions on matters concerning compensation from the Pharmaceutical Insurance and promotes uniform and fair application of the provisions of the insurance.

The Panel consists of a chairman, two members representing patients´ interests, two medical experts, one specialist on personal injury claims adjustment and one other member.  The members are appointed by the Government except for the two last-mentioned members, who are appointed by the Swedish Pharmaceutical Insurance.

Review by the Panel is free of charge and subject to professional confidentiality.

Your claim

A claim of a drug-related injury is submitted to Svenska Läkemedelsförsäkringen AB (the insurance company). If you are not satisfied with the decision of the insurance company you can request that your claim be reviewed by the Pharmaceutical Injury Panel. A request for review of a claim is made to the insurance company. The insurance company then compiles a memorandum summarizing the claim and encloses the documents on which the decision was based. You may read the memorandum before it is sent to the Panel. If you want to make additions you must send the documents to the insurance company, which will decide if the material affects the company´s decision before the case is sent to the Panel.

Your claim is received by the Panel´s office

When your claim has been received by the Pharmaceutical Injury Panel´s office you will receive a letter of confirmation from us with information about your claim number and the name of the lawyer who will present your claim to the Panel. If you have not received any confirmation the claim is probably still with the insurance company that is preparing the memorandum that will be sent to the Panel.

The claim is processed by the Panel

Your claim will be dealt with at a meeting of the Pharmaceutical Injury Panel. Before the meeting the Panel members receive all the documents and read about your claim. The documents are the memorandum with attachments and any additions from you. At the meeting a lawyer from the Panel´s office presents your claim to the Panel. The members of the Panel then discuss your claim and come to a decision.

The Panel´s opinion

The Panel´s decision is formulated in an opinion that is signed by the chairman and the reporting lawyer. The opinion is then sent to the insurance company.

The opinion of the Panel is advisory. This means that the insurance company is not obliged to comply with the opinion but this is almost always what happens.

After the Pharmaceutical Injury Panel has issued its opinion the insurance company will make a decision on your claim. The insurance company will send the Panel´s opinion to you together with its decision. You will also receive information on what you can do if you are not satisfied with the company´s new decision. If you have questions about the procedure, contact the insurance company.


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